Winners of the Storytelling Awards 2017

Monday January 23 2017

On Sunday January 22, we revealed the three winners of the Storytelling award at the Modefabriek in Amsterdam. Twenty fashion & lifestyle retailers were selected, investigated and scored by an independent jury. Schuttelaar & Partners congratulates the winners with their well-deserved award: Verse A Good Store (Amsterdam), Nukuhiva (Utrecht) and this year Sustainable Leader Award went to Kimm Boetiek in Rotterdam. 

The purpose of the Storytelling awards is to put retailers in the spotlights that invest in the experience, visualisation, service and - of course – sustainability of their stores. This award allows both the industry and the consumer to gain more insights in which Dutch retailers are frontrunners when it comes to storytelling.


f.l.t.r. Edwin Belt, Caroline Stoop, the three winners: Kimm Boetiek, Nukuhiva en Verse A Good Store, Cécile Scheele, Carlo van de Berg.


The 20 nominiees: Eduard in Leiden, Jones in Arnhem, Verse A Good Store in Amsterdam, Plek in Deventer, Brandmission in Haarlem, Collectiv in Den Haag, Daily Poetry in Den Bosch, Kimm Boetiek in Hillegersberg (Rotterdam), Diciassette in Voorburg, Het Faire Oosten in Amsterdam, People’s Avenue in Amsterdam, Claudia Sträter in Zwolle, WAAR in Maastricht, Nukuhiva in Utrecht, Art & Casey in Delft, Bellamy Gallery in Laren, Rinsma Fashion in Gorredijk, Jansen Noy in Sevenum, Van Tilburg in Nistelrode, Lutz in Vinkeveen



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